The Rape of Europa
Book of Hours for the second wife of the Duke of Bedford, Jacquetta of Luxembourg
Book of Hours for Françoise de Bellecombe with 103 miniatures by the Master of the Chronique Scandaleuse
Book of Hours for Jean Troussier, Seneschal of Brittany
Frederick V. , King of Denmark and Norway, overcoming Envy
Mirror Case, France, Paris
Apostle, South Germany, Franconia
Zwei Römische Soldaten vor einem Monument
Zwei Köpfe (Two Heads)
Strömung (Current)
Diamond brooch
Jeune fille
Houses in the Mountain
Reclining Girl with Raised Skirt
Amor sitting on a rock writing on a board of seasons next to him a stork
Polar Bear
Flower bouquet
Fruit basket
The Payment of the Tithe or the Village Lawyer
Ohne Titel (Farbraumkörper, Kissenbild)
Le Port
Fleckalm in Kirchberg
Johanna Schiefler
Goblet with diamond-point engraving and cold painting
Martha Graham
Le jeu du destin
La Pietà di Superman
Heavy Weaponry
Monica in half slip
Le dejeuner a Bourgueil
Young Beethoven
Dodecagonal deep dish with the motif ‘Shiba Onko’ from the Coll. of August the Strong
Kneeling Female Form
Dense and Now (SFF.1587)
a passing Sail
Silver, parcel-gilt large Prussian coin beaker with lid
Royal German round silver dish and cover (cloche)
Royal silver gilt table-bell for Frederick William, King of Prussia
La Retour des Chasseurs
La Retour des Chasseurs
La Retour des Chasseurs
Blick auf die Augustusbrücke in Dresden
Stehender Mann im Gebet mit gefalteten Händen
Studie eines sitzenden, männlichen Aktes
cylinder bureau
Italian Renaissance Casket
German Gothic Madonna on the crescent moon
Abstract head
Red rider
Groynes on the beach at Jershöft
Bullfight in a divided ring
Cottage and Boundary Post on the Spaarndammerdijk
Les Loisirs (Die Freizeit)
Sterbender Schwan (Schwarz über Weiß)
Rote maskierte Figur vor Ocker
Corona 72 Blau
Two lying figures in base
Three female nudes in countryside
The Nativity of Jesus Christ
Triptych “Virgin and Child”
Saint George
Eternity 08
Huangshan Mountains, Study 51, Anhui, China
The Mouth of Krishna SE, #60763
Blue against Theory
Verstärker 11
Z, B 151218
Tra l'incudine e il martello
Supermassive Landscape I
A demi-parure
Office Table
#1658, Kawa=Flow
Advocate Chair
Chrysoprase Garnet Parure
Escape to Egypt
Earclips in the shape of feathers
Tableau de Famille
Welche, Jean-Paul? (Which ones, Jean-Paul?)
La Route
Head of a girl
La Pluie
Glass Cabinet
Corona 72 Blau
Young Beethoven
Earclips in the shape of feathers